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GivePet Soft & Chewy Treats

GivePet Soft & Chewy Treats



Shelter dogs love to dive into Doggy Paddle. Whether they’re working to save lives or just learning to sit, stay and roll over, every dog deserves something tasty when they’re training this hard. And with coconut, mango and pineapple, these soft chewy treats make doing their job feel like a total day at the beach.

• Coconut, Mango and Pineapple
• Soft and Chewy
• Grain Free
• No Artificial Colors
• Small Batch
• No Added Salt or Sugar
• Made in the USA



Shelter dogs live for Off-Leash Leisure. The life of a well-trained pooch isn’t always what you’d call chill. But a quick taste of applesauce, bacon and cinnamon can make following any command feel a little bit more relaxing. And as always, these soft chewy nugs are made with nothing but peace, love and the finest all-natural ingredients.



Shelter dogs stretch to a new Upward Dog. When they’re training, our favorite four-legged pals are working more than just their hindquarters. Learning new things requires them to stretch their brains in new and challenging ways. And with banana, peanut butter and chia seeds, this soft chewy treat is a healthtastic way to reward dogs who work to leave the comfort zone behind.



Shelter dogs climb the ranks as a Beagle Scout. Whether they’re learning new skills or headed out on a fun new adventure, every dog deserves to indulge in a soft chewy and delicious bite of carob, honey and vanilla. So grab your kerchiefs and put on your thinking caps. We’re about to help your pooch earn his next badge the tasty, all-natural way. And that’s our scout’s honor.



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