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Not your average Daycare!

We have years of experience

in canine behavior, years of nutrition training and years

of happy pup clients!!

Above all, we are darn good

at what we do!!

We operate out of a home which means pups are never ever alone! Our floors have carpet so theres no scary slipping & sliding! We have a huge yard for pups to run and play in. We have mini pools and fun tunnels too!


Pups are invited to sleep in a real bed, lounge on a comfy couch or sleep in an open crate if that's what they prefer. We’re the ultimate small breed daycare. We offer safe socialization, slumber party like overnights and an awesome spa. We even have a full blown retail store! We're here to help you with anything dog!! Our “home like” vibe allows your pup to engage in as much or as little activity as they want.

Your dog’s safety and well being is our number #1 priority and we pride ourselves on going above and beyond to build your pup’s confidence to ensure the best day of their little lives!! 


Please note:  Pups need to be spayed and neutered at 6 months.

We strive to be the best

at everything we do!

Helping you navigate through the exciting world of being dog parents...
from a 1st time pup owner to someone who forgot what it
s like to have
a puppy...which can be totally what we
re here for!!
We have Nutrition Certifications and we
re all about proper diets!
Never fret about asking us questions as that
s what were here for.
We want to help you and your little one!

The ultimate daycare experience!


"Wee Little Dogs provides a lively, loving, and safe environment for small dogs through its daycare and boarding. My dog has also benefited from the Barkit Market expertise. A fussy eater, my dog's appetite and health have improved with Barkit Market products."

-Suzanne R.

"WLD is amazing! Katie started going to WLD when she was a puppy. It is great for her to have the social interaction with the other small dogs. She is literally exhausted when I pick her up. I have the peace of mind knowing that Katie is in good hands. It is so convenient that WLD can do her baths, nail trims and I can get her treats & doggie ice cream at the Bark-It Market. It is hard to believe that Katie has been going to WLD for six years. I honestly do not know what I would do without Lee and Michelle."

-Pam C.

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