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1 day per week  $38

2 days per week $32

3 or more days per week $30

2 pups, 1 day per week  $65

2 pups, 2 days per week $57

2 pups, 3 or more days per week $55






1 pup $60   2 pups $120   
Weekends are $5 more as chews are provided

Our overnights go above & beyond!! Your pups feel exactly like they are at home. They aren't left alone for the night, not put in a crate/room/suite by themselves. They are free to lounge, cuddle, play, chew or simply sleep. Each dog is treated exactly the same which is another reason our rate for multiple pups isn't reduced.

Chew Time $5 add on 

Add more fun to their vaca with a special nighttime chew! 


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