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Lee Allison

Michelle Mills

Lee is our founder and pack Alpha. 

In Lee's other life, she worked as a graphic artist. Later, she used her love of dogs to start a part-time pet sitting business. She realized she had a gift with dogs and they shared a mutual respect. Lee started pet sitting full time and worked under a dog trainer for 2 years. 

She opened one of the first pet boutiques in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Her clients began using her pet sitting services and Little Dogs Club was created a few years later.

Lee also designs all of LDC graphic work.

Lee and her 2 rescues, Pauley and Lola call LDC their home!

Michelle is our business operations Alpha and co-owner. 

In Michelle's former life, she was a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She owned and operated her own fitness business for over 25 years. 

Michelle brought her years of business development experience to Little Dogs Club. Her management skills have helped with all that we do by providing a consistent business model. This is demonstrated by the success of the daycare and our boutique store Barkit Market.

Michelle is a dog mom to Oliver, the cutest shih tzu ever!

How did this dynamic dog duo start?

Five years ago, Michelle & Oliver came in to then Wee Little Dogs for an orientation. Being a first time dog mom,
Michelle stood nervously watching Lee introduce her tiny baby boy to different dogs. She knew at once he was going to be right at home and more importantly, he was going to be safe and well cared for. Every time Oliver was dropped off, he practically jumped out the car and never looked back. Michelle fell in love with the entire operation and offered her business knowledge and experience to Lee. They later became business partners
changing the name to Little Dogs Club and the rest is history!!

Our Little Team



Ms. Jan started out as one of our dog moms.  She's volunteered her time to help us and developed such a special bond with the pack, we hired her!!  We are so lucky to have Ms. Jan as she truly loves each and every little as if they were her own.

Jan has 2 pups of her own...Molly & Paddy.



Ms. Lou is Michelle’s mom & Oliver’s grandmama. She owned & operated her own pet sitting business for 20 years. We are so fortunate she gives us her time preparing all the pups meals and helping with anything we need.

The pups absolutely love her and she them! Thanks mom!!

Connie Resized.JPG


Ms. Connie owns & operates Pampered Pets & Places, LLC. She's a busy lady but graciously gives us a few days a week of her time! She has created a special bond with our pups. Connie has a CPR/1st Aid & Canine Body Language certification. She's a member of Pet Sitter's International.



Ms. Missy is one of our awesome dog moms. She generously volunteers her free time and we and our pups are super grateful! Missy has a huge heart for rescue and special needs pups. She spends a lot of time with our more shy and insecure little ones. Her pack is Shep, Mugsy & Micky!

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