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Everything...but the haircut! 

We’re NOT groomers but we offer amazing services in our little spa! 

Bath & Blow Outs  $30

Deep cleansing, all natural shampoo with a detangling conditioning blow out. We’ll remove as many of those pesky mats as we can. All baths include ear cleaning.


Sani Trim $15

Need a little butt or face trim? Clean ups between grooms can be a necessity! We've got you covered!

Ear Hair Removal  $15

Start with an ear cleaning and an ear massage to loosen any wax or dirt that may have built up.

Hair removal will keep hair from blocking the canal allowing air to circulate. This will help prevent ear infections and moisture build up. 

Mani - Pedi Club  $20

Nail clips & Drimmel for a smoother finish!

We track it so you don’t have to!

Mani-pedi's are done every 3 to 4 weeks.

Paw Pad Trim  $10

In addition to keeping your dog from slipping and sliding on slick surfaces, which can reduce confidence or result in injury, keeping paw pads trimmed reduces dirt and grime buildup, keeps paws clean, and prevents painful mats from forming.

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Anal Gland Expression  $20

Signs that your dog is having problems with their

anal glands…

  • Scooting or dragging their bottoms

  • Excessive licking their bottom

  • Releasing the glands at inappropriate times  leaving a metallic, fishy odor. Pee-yew!!

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