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Our awesome daycare program is a result of pups getting to know each other and our helpers during repeated play days. Consistency makes for happy and secure little dogs!

What’s our recipe for success?

Simple... we require 1 or more play days per week!

Note: Puppies and nervous pups will be required to come 2 or more days a week in the beginning. This allows pups to get to know everyone and to make friends. We are a lot like school and pups make friends just like kids do. Consistency is key!!!


We aren't your typical daycare! We like to guide parents to bring their pups on days when we know their friends are there! If those days don’t meet your needs, your pups will still have a ton of fun!

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Please note: Our pups are 15lbs and under and while your pup might be small…they could have a “big dog” attitude which can be volatile in our little group. This temperament will unfortunately not be able to come play with us!

Best Day Ever!!

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