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Beef Wrapped Cow Tail

Beef Wrapped Cow Tail


PROCESSED, INSPECTED & PACKAGED: At our own Food-Graded facility under HACCP, BRC and Safety Quality Food Regulations (SQF).


ALL-NATURAL BEEF STICKS: Give your furry companion safe, delicious and healthy dog chews. Made 100% all-natural with only ONE ingredient. The process begins by using our premium free range-grass fed beef esophagus, then delivered to our own food-graded facility, where it is cleaned with pure water, and slowly dehydrated to preserve its natural nutrients.


GET THE BEST FOR YOUR DOG: Rawhides can cause blockages and deer antlers can splinter or break teeth. These chew options are not ideal for any dog. Our natural beef sticks for dogs are the safest substitute to keep them busy for hours!


SAFE & DIGESTIBLE: Safety is our #1 priority! Gullet chew sticks are a medium-hard chew and 100% digestible making its consumption safe and gentle on the stomach. They are the ideal dog chew treats for puppies, adults or older dogs.


SUPPORTS HEALTHY JOINTS, TEETH & GUMS: Chewing our jerky dog treats helps promote the removal of harmful plaque and tartar for whiter, stronger teeth as well as healthier gums supporting optimal dog dental care. They are also packed with natural Chondroitin & Glucosamine to help promote healthy joints & hips.

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