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Smoked Chicken Breast Fillet

Smoked Chicken Breast Fillet


Our naturally Smoked Chicken Fillets feature all natural chicken breast, glycerin, water and salt. Our chicken chews are not just appetizing for dogs with the sweet aroma of smoked meats, but they are also high in protein. The chicken breast contains high levels of protein and low levels of fat making these chews ideal in supplementing a dog’s daily protein requirement. High-protein and low-fat diet is important in keeping a dog’s weight in check. Finally something you and your dog can both enjoy!

Special Features:

  • Crafted with your pup in mind to combat the odor of natural dog chews.

  • This all-natural treat is a long-lasting, mouth-watering chew.

  • Features the sweet aroma of smoked meats and real hickory flavor.

  • Excellent source of protein and smoked to perfection in Richmond, Virginia.

  • Boasts an irresistible smoky smell that will make your pup’s mouth water.

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